Pic 2 Pat privacy policy

The privacy of visitors of Pic 2 Pat is important to us. This policy informs you about the personal information which is received and stored during a visit to the website, and how this information is safeguarded.

Log files

Kust like most other websites we collect and use the information in log files. these files contain the IP address of the visitor, the browser used, the operating system, the duration of the visit and the loaded pages. These log files are stored for a period of four weeks. After this period only statistical information remain about the popularity of pages, browsers, operating systems and countries of the visitors. All data which could be used to identify personal information is deleted.


An important functionality of the website is uploading images to the Pic 2 Pat server. Because of the website genre, this will often be pictures which can be linked to the personal environment of the user. Because of this, pictures and the generated files will only be stored on the server during the period which the visitor is connected with the Pic 2 Pat website. The pictures and the generated files are permanently deleted from the system through an automated procedure. The file structure of the Pic 2 Pat system has been designed in such a way that the pictures and generated files can never be part of a backup procedure. There will therefore never remain files stored on the web server, or on any other data storage system.

Cookies and web beacons

The Pic 2 Pat website uses cookies during the conversion process of pictures. This is to prevent the pictures to be seen by anyone else but the user. Third party ads imay be used to support the website. Some of these advertisers (like Google through the Google AdSense program) can use cookies or web beacons as part of their advertisements on our site, which will send information like the IP address, the browser, operating system and in some occassions the installation of Flash to those advertisers. This is in general for demographical purposes to show advertisements to the visitors which best match their geographical location and language settings.

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