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colours different from photo

Started by eila, March 16, 2020, 09:44:58 AM

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Last week I bought a lot of embroidery yarn and started to make a photo of my sister before her van, there are a lot of grey colours in it and looking at the pattern it does not vary much.
I am really disappointed by the pattern and the lack of  colours and hesitate to go on, but I have bought abt 100 strings of yarn.
Anyone experience this also? I put two pictures with. Hope you understand, english is not my language.


Hi Eila,

I don't see any pictures or pattern attached so it is difficult to make a judgement about this issue.

best regards,


Thanks for your reply, sorry I don't know how to post a picture here (embroidery is my hobby, not pc ;) )


Sorry for bothering again, I am working out how to put the photos in this forum, my last message was not so clear, I think I prefer embroidery and not working at the pc.
With the help of a friend I will try to put the photos hiere.
I have used now abt 30 of the 100 colours and it is only grey in various shades and it keeps on going a I saw on the pattern
Please can you help me?