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Started by Listener, August 31, 2019, 04:11:09 PM

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Why does the downloaded photograph for conversion to a cross stitch pattern always orientate the top of the picture to the right no matter which way up the original picture is. How can I get the cross stitch pattern to be the right way up too?


This is behavior which sometimes happens with images taken with a mobile phone. Depending on brand and operating system, some mobile phones do not change the picture data itself when a picture is taken in landscape or portrait mode, but instead always store the picture in one of those two formats (landscape or portrait) and add rotation information in a special field to the image. This rotation data field is lost in the current conversion software because of a two step data conversion process. First the image is scaled down to a maximum of 1000 by 1000 pixels, and then the color data of that intermediate picture is converted to a cross stitch pattern. The down-scale converter simply strips all data fields from the image. This wasn't an issue ten years ago when this part of the software was developed because rotation information field wasn't used by most camera's but it is a known issue now and will be resolved in a future software version.



Dear Sir,  I am a new member and I recently downloaded a pattern from pic2pat. com. I have been doing cross stitch for quite some time.  However,  now I will soon be starting on the largest pattern I ever worked on.
52 x 39 inches. I only use DMC thread. Can you please confirm if the thread code numbers  mentioned are the actual DMC thread and that no conversions took place. The pattern has over  200 colours