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How many strands of floss do I use?

Started by robynalbritton, August 20, 2016, 12:55:12 AM

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Hello - this is a phenomenal free service and I love that there's a forum. In looking at the color list on the last page of the pattern, does the number refer to the number of skeins I need to use of each color? I can't seem to find how many strands of floss I should use of each color. Thanks for the help!! 


For me I base the strands on what count fabric I am stitching on. Generally for under 25 count I use two strands and for 25 and above one strand. Hope that helps!


These are the floss guidelines I use:
14 count Aida = 3 strants of floss
16 or 18 count Aida = 2 strands of floss
hand dyed Aida = 2 strands of floss
I hope this helped you & happy stitching!


Thank you!! I wasn't sure if this was one of the patterns that required different strands of floss based on the color. I appreciate the responses!


Hi There Rob.
Its usual to use 2 strands of thread on 14 count Aida, so when you cut your length of thread you can separate it into 3 lengths of 2 strands .. if you knot your thread as I do, but If you 'cast on by the loop method you thread your needle with both ends of a single strand pull through and catch the loop at the back of your fabric to secure. I dont use this method because I find it fiddly you have to separate out a lot of thread e.g 20 inches of single strands to get 10 inches and you dont see the back anyway.
Very pale colours can give thicker looking crosses, very dark thinner looking crosses, you could add in a third strand if you want a closer fill.
Back stitches e.g. for whiskers - single strand.
Wind your skeins onto plastic or paper flat bobbins and number them - stick on labels available on the internet.
The key in Pic2Pat gives you the name of the colour, its DMC number and the number of skeins you need. If the picture has a large background you may need more than one skein.
If your 'silks' are not DMC but are say Anchor which we use a lot in the UK there is a website where you can print out a conversion chart so you can match the colours as close as possible. Hope this helps