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Has anyone else encountered this problem ??? 367

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Has anyone else encountered this problem ???
« on: July 24, 2018, 09:09:45 AM »

I've been working on this problem with Greg Dawes. He suggested that I post my issue here.

I have several hundred pdf documents which I need to be able to search. The documents were created by scanning paper copies. I ran OCR using Adobe Acrobat. X1 searches the documents correctly, but does not display or highlight the search terms in the preview window. That means I cannot easily go through the documents found in the search to see which one(s) I want.

The problem seems to be with the scanning. I have taken several word processing documents and printed them directly to pdf. Those documents display correctly. The problem appears only in scanned documents.

Has anyone else encountered this problem. If so, do you know of a fix or workaround.
Please help.

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Thank you.