I wish you would make a couple more options available, please.

Started by Lotzaspotz, March 01, 2018, 06:53:00 PM

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My wishes, and I'd be willing to pay a fee for them on a per use, basis...

1) Please provide an option to choose the page order starting in the upper left hand corner instead of the lower left hand corner.  I just printed a pattern with 25 pages and it was hard for me to figure out how to rearrange them because I am not all that great at math, lol!

2) PLEASE provide an option to display/print the pattern IN COLOR.  If I could make out the image from this massive display of 75 icons over 25 pages, it would help me tremendously.

Thank you!


I'm trying to convince the owner of the website to open the source code so I can contribute some improvements. If he agrees this will be a contribution I want to work on.


@Lotzaspotz A large software overhaul is underway and you can add your input to the request for comments topic if you want to.

@algonix There are no plans to release the source code. The only ones in my life who have achieved to convince me of something are my spouse and children  ;D