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Color transfer for cross stitch

Started by Cookie, May 06, 2022, 07:41:43 PM

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I ordered a pic on Etsy for cross stitch. Totally dissatisfied. The colors did not transfer right. Bald eagle does not look like a bald eagle. Bears and cubs are blue and unidentifiable. Wolfs are purple, pink and blue. Anything cross stitch from this site..........never again!


Pic2Pat is a free service where people can make their own patterns without any costs. We do not sell patterns and do not use Etsy for our business.

It seems you have been scammed by a third party misusing our service. Would you be so kind to send the P2P number of the pattern and the name of the Etsy store?

We will take appropriate measures.

Thanks in advance,
Lammert Bies


P2P-21918133 is the number on the pattern.
TamsDesignFinds(235079666) was who I bought it from on Etsy.


Thanks for the information.
It seems they have generated a number of patterns, all with images of which they don't own the copyrights. Most images were converted with one size and default color settings.

I will see what I can do,
Have a nice weekend.