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Dmc color list

Started by Twisty tams, January 05, 2022, 10:20:21 PM

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Twisty tams

Hi all. I made this pattern nearly 3 years ago! I've been too ill to finish it, but am finally able to get it done. Unfortunately, have found that, at some point, the color list has been ripped and the bottom half lost! Is there anywhere that I can get a list of symbols = colour? It no longer recognises the pattern number but I am nearly half way through the 16 page pattern so would be heart broken if I had to start again!


The image and the pattern is not saved because they are deleted for privacy reasons, but it may be possible to retrieve the list of DMC colors based on the pattern number. Do you have the pattern number for me?

Twisty tams

Thank you. Pattern number is pop 12112610