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Pic2Pat and Minecraft 2261

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Pic2Pat and Minecraft
« on: September 07, 2016, 06:08:52 PM »
As described in the General forum, I've been using Pic2Pat in addition to making cross-stitch patterns, for making patterns for art to hang in my Minecraft house. You do this by creating a regular cross-stitch pattern, assigning materials with similar colours to the thread colours, building it on a gigantic flat plane in multiples of 128x128 blocks, and then making maps of those sections and mounting them on the wall in item frames. This description probably won't make sense unless you play Minecraft, but that's about the essence of it. I'm attaching some photos of the results -- one of a Mondrian as viewed at ground level when standing on it, one of a Klee seen from an aerial vantage, and one of what the art looks like "hung" in my Minecraft house. Pic2Pat has been great for this! I hope some of you enjoy it out of curiosity, whether you play Minecraft or not. (And if you have friends or kids who do, feel free to show it to them!) Oh, and I'll also throw in an earlier portrait of my girlfriend that I used Pic2Pat to make into a pattern for a vertical construction in Minecraft we called Temple Phoesha.

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