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Nos of Skeins

Started by Olliewoo, December 28, 2020, 01:23:44 PM

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I am halfway through my pattern and am running out of cotton. Is there a way that when you ask for the pattern, once you have chosen the size and quality, that the number of skeins for each colour could be included?


It is on the last page with the color list. The layout of the color list depends somewhat of the moment you requested the pattern. Older patterns only contained the number of skeins, for a short period of time only the number of stitches was shown. Now the color list contains both the number of skeins and the number of stitches.


Thank you. I have looked at my last page and from the left it shows
symbol     colour....nos ( not sure what of )       DMC nos     description

There does not appear to be a list of skeins or anything else.   I ask now because i am not halfway through my pattern and am having to order more cotton   ( on here but can't find where ??  )


"nos ( not sure what of ) "

That is the one. If the values are small (mostly 1 to 10) it is the number of skeins. If the values are big (many 100+), it is the number of stitches.